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How to play and counter Clash Royale Cards

How to play and counter Clash Royale Cards ?  I’m not the best player so everything I shared in this guide could be not really right. However, I would share with all you guys how I play and counter every card in Clash Royale. This guide is based on vm88’s tips (thank you man).
How to play and counter every Card in Clash Royale 

Clash Royale Archers
Archers are quite slow in Clash Royale, they deal a decent amount of damage and are pretty beefy for a ranged unit with only 3 Elixir cost. A single Fireball can take them down but It’s not worth it If you can’t take down them and some other troops (or deal damage to the opponent tower) at the same time.
Most of the time, you don’t want to use the Fireball on Archers by themselves unless it’s extremely necessary.
Baby Dragon, Wizard and Bomber (troops which deal splash damage) can take Archers down quickly and survive with some HP.
Clash Royale Arrows
Arrows is one of the most popular cards in Clash Royale as it can 1 hit a lot of swarm troops such as Goblins, Spear Goblins, Minions, Goblin Barrel and Skeletons (from Skeleton Army, Tombstone, Skeletons and Witch).
In most cases, you can get an Elixir advantage when you use the Arrows on those swarms.
If you want to effectively counter the Arrows, the only way is to try to bait it out before deploying your main swarms. One of my favorite trick is to throw the Goblin Barrel towards the enemy tower, most of the time, my opponent will immediately use the Arrows, after that, I just simply plop down my cheap swarms (Goblins, Minions,…).
Clash Royale Baby Dragon
Baby Dragon
The Baby Dragon is one of the best cards in Clash Royale for sure. He is a flying tanker which deals splash damage and kills plenty of troops in just 1-2 attacks. He is extremely versatile on both offense and defense.
Definitely the Musketeer is the best single card you may want to trade with the Baby Dragon. If not, don’t simply drop your Spear Goblins or Minions, you should wait until he is locked on a high HP troop/tower and then use them as he can kill them in just 1-2 hits.
Tesla and Inferno Tower works pretty well against Baby Dragon (but I think it’s not worth it to drop down a defensive building card in order to deal with only one Baby Dragon.
The downside of Baby Dragon is that he can’t deal much damage to the Tower. That’s why sometime you should just sacrifice some HP of your Tower to save Elixir.
Clash Royale Bomber
Like the Arrows, in Clash Royale, Bomber can be effectively used to get positive Elixir trades Vs. swarms, Barbarians,… especially when you play him behind a building/tower or a high HP tanker.
If your opponent drops Bomber behind a Tower, it’s worth it to Fireball him and also deal damage to the Tower at the same time. That’s a great trade!
If your opponent plays Bomber after a tanker and pushing onto your side, drop a single troop which has decent damage (Knight for example) behind him to easily take him out.
If Bomber is attacking your Tower, he can deal a lot of damage. However, you should let your Tower deals with him If it is locked onto him as well.
Clash Royale fireball
The Fireball is pretty similar to the Arrows above but it deals a bit more damage in a smaller radius.
Obviously Fireball can 1-hit every troop the Arrows can.
You can also use it to 1-hit Bomber, low level Wizards, Musketeers. It can also be able to bring Wizards, Barbarians Musketeers and Witches to the red HP bar.
The easiest way to bait out the Fireball is to drop your Barbarians.
Clash Royale Giant
Giant is a handsome tanker (as known as a massive meat shield). He targets only buildings.
Although he can deal a good amount of damage to the Towers, he is often used to soak damage and protect small ranged troops behind.
Sometimes I use him on defense to distract the enemy troops away from your Towers and defensive troops.
In order to counter the Giant, you can simply use high damage swarms such as Minion Horde, Barbarians… on top of Giant. Use defensive building card such as Tesla, Cannon,… If you have to buy more time. You can easily stop him from attacking your Tower and also deal a decent amount of damage to him with these cards.
When you face a Giant push, I strongly recommend you use Arrows/Fireball on the supporting troops behind him and use other cards to deal with him. If they are not available, you should wait until they push to your side then drop your troops on the top of those supporting troops. Be careful when you drop swarm troops such as Spear Goblins or Minion Horde onto splash damaging troops such as Wizards, Baby Dragon or Bomber.
Clash Royale Knight
Knight is a pretty cheap card which has decent HP, nice damage and is a ground melee troop.
It’s pretty easy to counter the Knight but he can deal a decent amount of damage to your Tower If he gets left unchecked.
You can effectively use air troops to deal with him without getting hit as he is melee troop and targets only ground units.
If you have to use a ranged troop to deal with him, make sure you place it far enough so he can’t attack your troop before taking a lot of damage.
Clash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.A

Mini P.E.K.K.A
Mini P.E.K.K.A is a glass cannon melee troop which has pretty low HP but a lot of damage. “She” is a melee troop, which can targets only ground units.
You should use her when you have another high HP troop to tank damage otherwise she will die quickly.
To deal with Mini P.E.K.K.A, you can use cheap ground swarms such as Goblins, Skeletons,…
Clash Royale MusketeerMusketeer
She is a ranged troop who can deal a lot of damage when protected or left alone.
You should protect your Musketeer with a high HP troop/tower to soak damage for her.
If the opponent drops a Cannon, just simply use your Musketeer since her can outrange it without getting a single hit.
To counter the Musketeer in Clash Royale, you can either use a Fireball or Lightning Spell on her and the Tower. Otherwise, you can wait until she crosses over to your side and drop cheap cards right onto her (Goblins, Knight, Barbarians,… are the great choices for this).
Clash Royale Prince
Here you go, one of the best cards in Clash Royale. Obviously he has brought a lot of more difficulty to new players than all other cards. However, you can easily counter him. He has a pretty nice HP, fast movement speed. He has a special ability which helps him run faster and gain 2x the damage on the targeted unit.
On defense, once he is dropped, you need to react quickly because of his incredible movement speed. The key to deal with him is to use cheap ground swarms such as Goblins, Spear Goblins, Skeletons,… And these troops can deal a decent amount of damage to him and buy more time so your Towers can hit him longer. You should also drop your troops in the middle of your arena in order to lure him there, he will take a lot of damage while running and also getting attacked by both Towers. Never use a single troop to stop him since he can 1-hit most of them.
Clash Royale Skeleton Army
Skeleton Army
Skeleton Army is mostly used on defense. Skeleton Army is extremely useful at dealing with big threats as they can quickly surround them and deal a lot of damage.
This card can be easily countered by Arrows, Fireball, Wizard, Baby Dragon, Bomber,… (all cards that deal splash damage), that’s why we rarely use them on offense.
Before using the Skeleton Army, make sure your opponent doesn’t have the Arrow or any other splash damaging spell card on his hand otherwise it will be a big waste.
Clash Royale Witch
The Witch summons a certain amount of Skeletons, she deals a relatively low amount of splash damage. Also, her HP is pretty low, that’s why she can be killed by Lightning and some other spell cards.
My favorite way to counter the Witch is to use Lightning to deal damage to both her and the Tower. She will be killed by the Lightning regardless. Also, you can use Fireball and leave her with a small amount of HP. Otherwise, you can simply drop a card (Knight for example) right onto her when she crosses over your arena.
As I said above, If you has a Witch, never place her next to your Tower in order to prevent the opponent from damaging both of her and your Tower.


Clash Royale Goblin
This card summons 3 small Goblins that have nice damage but low HP. However, If you leave them unchecked, they will definitely a decent amount of damage to your troops and towers.
You can Fireball, Arrows,.. to 1 hit them but I recommend doing this If you can also other troops at the same time. Otherwise, most troops can be used to deal with them.
Clash Royale Spear Goblins
Spear Goblins
Definitely Spear Goblins is one of the most useful cards in Clash Royale.
This card spawns 3 fast ranged Goblins that can deal nice damage but has pretty low HP.
You shouldn’t use only Spear Goblins since lots of troops can 1 hit them, unless you want to use them at starting, when the Elixir bar hits 10 (You can place them on the bridge so they can deal hundreds damage to the enemy Towers). It’s recommended to have a tanky protecting them.
If your opponent groups them with other swarm troops such as Goblins, Minions, Skeletons,… It’s worth it to throw an Arrows card on them, or maybe even a Fireball If there are some Archers and Barbarians.
Wizard and Baby Dragon are extremely effective at dealing with them since they can 1 hit them anytime.
If the opponent use only Spear Goblins to deal some damage to your Tower, it’s better to just do nothing and let your Tower dealing with them.
Clash Royale Goblin Hut
Goblin Hut
The Goblin Hut spawns a Spear Goblin after a decent time. This card is usually used to apply constant pressure to a lane and launch a massive push later.
If your opponent drops the Goblin Hut on one lane and starts attacking on the other one, it’s better to just ignore the Goblin Huts since it can’t do much damage to your Tower (just a few hundred damage).
If the opponent places some Huts on 1 side and try to launch a big push, you can use either Fireball, Rocket or Lightning on those Hut and also try to deal damage to the enemy Tower at the same time.
Poison is also very great to deal with Hut Deck.
Clash Royale Goblin Barrel
Goblin Barrel
This is another pretty popular card in Clash Royale. Not only new players but also many top players are using Goblin Barrel a lot as his card can deal a ton of damage to tower If left unchecked.
Most of the time, players throw this card onto the enemy tower. You can easily drop the Arrows on top of your Tower when the Barrel has crossed the river. But you should take care about this. Sometimes the opponent wants to bait your Arrows out with Goblin Barrel. Make sure you opponent doesn’t have any swarm before using your Arrows.
As I said above, one of my favorite strategy to bait out the Arrows is to drop Goblin Barrel right on top of the opponent. Non-Experienced players usually immediately drop the Arrows and I can start launching my massive push with no worry.
Clash Royale Lightning
This is one of my favorite cards in Clash Royale. Lightning is the anti-building card which works extremely wells against X-Bow decks, Hut decks, defensive decks,…
Sometimes, you can use Lightning to deal with slow pushes which have high DPS troop such as Musketeer, Wizard.
If your opponent has a Witch, simply drop Lightning onto her and also the Tower to take her down within seconds.
The downside of this card is that it is quite expensive. Before using it, make sure you have enough Elixir to deal with any sneaky push.One of my favorite combos I usually use in low leagues is to drop the Barbarians right on the bridge at starting and then drop Lightning when once the opponent drops a big cards to deal with the Barbarians.
Clash Royale Valkyrie
Valkyrie is rare used in Clash Royale. I haven’t seen many decent Valkyrie Decks yet.
She has nice HP and does splash damage in a circle around her.
If you want to kill her, don’t use group swarm troops such as Barbarians, Skeleton Army, Goblins,… as she can kill them all in just 1 second.
The best way to deal with her is to use either air troops or ground troops which can deal damage to single target (Knight, Musketeer,…).

Don’t worry guys! This guide is being updated! I am going to finish it soon!

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